Import Regulations by Country


Canada vehicle import laws are mostly concerned about meeting the Canadian safety standards.
More information available at Transport Canada
Notice that some cars like 1994 Ford Thunderbird or Shelby cars are inadmissible, and other cars like 1995 BMW M3 are only admissible after modifications.

Costa Rica

The import duties on a car from new to 3 years old is 52.29 % of its value. A used car from 4 to 5 years old has import duties of 63.91 %, and a car over 5 years old 79.03 %. The taxable value of the vehicle is determined by the government depending on the year, make, model, engine capacity and optional equipment.


Import of used cars allowed for vehicles up to three years old only. High taxation and detailed regulations apply.


High taxation applies. New vehicles importation allowed up to 1600cc. Vehicles exceeding 1600cc must have been registered in the importers name abroad for at least one year. A bank bond may be required.


The Jordanian customs charge high import tax on vehicles which is calculated based on the latest year model of the vehicle and goes up depending on any additional features the vehicle might have. Vehicles up to five years old are allowed into the country. A reduced tax for Hybrid vehicle with certain engine sizes is available. Jordan is also a transit point for shipments to Iraq, and a lot of Iraqi car importers operate from the Jordanian Free Zone


Under Kenya Revenue Authority’s control, only 2001-2009 models can be imported to be driven in Kenya.
For more information, visit Kenya Revenue Authority


Lebanon allows the import of cars up to 8 years old. As of 2009 you can only import cars of the year model 2001 and up.
The Lebanese customs charge high import tax that varies depending on the year model and the capacity of the engine. Higher year model or a bigger engine increases the import tax charged.


Mexico allows the importation of used motor vehicles 10 years old only. So, for the year 2009, you can import vehicles of the year model 1999. Mexican laws are relatively elastic, as many Mexican dealers import cars from other year models. Also, being a member of NAFTA, imported cars that were manufactured in the USA or Canada are subject to lower taxes.

New Zealand

New Zealand import laws are mostly concerned about meeting certain safety and emission standards.
Visit New Zealand Transport Agency for more information.


Nigeria allows the import of cars up to 8 years old. As of 2009 you can only import cars of the year model 2001 and up. Fees and taxes apply. For more information, visit the Federal Ministry of Transportation

Saudi Arabia

Import laws are fairly flexible in the arabian penensula. Not too many restrictions on importing vehicles. As long as the vehicle does not have a salvage title and has no major damage that renders the vehicle undrivable, then you can most likely import it from the USA.
Visit the Saudi Customs for more information.
Note: A new law crafted in Saudi Arabia restricts the import of used vehicles age up to 4 years.


For the importation of used/secondhand vehicles, an importer needs to obtain an import permit from the Foreign Trade Department of the Ministry of Commerce before the arrival of the vehicles
Visit the Thai Customs Department for more information

United Arab Emirates

As an international trading hub, the UAE adopts a free market policy with very minimal restrictions.